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Buy World's First, Best in Trade Class & Custom Design, Factory Direct Distinctive Brass Home Hardware for Wholesale, Retail or Indoor/Outdoor Uses

Selecting hardware for your project can be overwhelming enough, right? I mean it's the jewels of the home, it is so important, but there are so many options and who has the time? You just finished selecting countertops, cabinet styles, wooden door styles, wooden furniture styles, bar and pub wooden furniture styles, garden decking and other home improvement projects using wood,  you sorted through hundreds of tones of grey (or white or navy!) paint. It seems like the final stretch, you are almost done. Your KITCHEN cabinets, WARDROBES, furniture, doors, windows, GLASS, bar shop and pub furniture are arriving soon (exciting!), and then you realize...NO Architectural/ Glass/Furniture/Kitchen Hardware Fittings! You haven't selected your hardware FITTINGS, and you think well, where do I start? 

Craftacks India Appealing, inspired and innovative designs of brass/bronze/copper/zinc/aluminum hardware ranges include any vintage, period, Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian to Modern and Classic while handcrafted but precise to fit wherever required.
All luxury reproduction and restoration Hardware ranges, 
Antique Brass Furniture Hardware, Classic brass Handcrafted Decorative HARDWARE can be supplied in required shapes and sizes and in array metal surface finishes from heritage to contemporary viz. Unlacquered Polished Brass, Polished Brass with Clear Coat, Polished Chrome, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Nickel Matte, Satin Chrome, Aged Brass, Satin Brass, Dark Bronze, Matte Black, Electrostatic Black, Powder Coated Black, Antique Copper, Antique Nickel, Shiny Black, Shiny Blue, Shiny Green, Highlighted Brass, Highlighted Bronze, Weathered Black, Rustic Appearance, Brown Powder Coated, White Powder Coated etc.

Decking Rope Hardware & Fittings/Rope Cup Ends/Brackets/Hooks/Wall Eye Attachment/End Caps/Snap Hooks in Black/Matte Nickel/Polished Brass/Satin Brass/Oil Rubbed Bronze/Antique Brass and in 25mm/28mm/30mm/32mm/34mm/36mm/40mm/50mm/64mm Diameter

DECK Rope railing Hardware & FITTINGS

Craftacks India is Valley of WORLD'S BEST DESIGN/STYLE/INNOVATIVE/MODERN/TRENDING/BEST IN DEMAND brass hardware and fittings for decorative ropes having large collection of polished brass/polished chrome/matte black finish ranges for 25mm,28mm,30mm,32mm,34mm,36mm,38mm,40mm 50mm, 64mm or any custom rope diameter.
OuR Lumber/Composite or WOOD DECK ANY DIAMETER DISTINCTIVE DESIGN COpper FENCE TOP POST CAPS, decking rope brass and chrome cup ends, brass and chrome decking rope brackets, brass and chrome decking rope hooks, brass and chrome wall eye plates can be used in making beautiful rope bannisters, rope chair ties, rope rails and in many GARDEN FENCE AND rope projects for interior as well as exterior of the home.

Brass Curtain/Drapery Poles in Polished Brass/Matte Black/Oil Rubbed Bronze/Antique Brass/Matte Nickel/Matte Chrome/Satin Brass/Matte Brass/Electrostatic Black/Pewter/Rust/Sam/Patina/Weathered Nickel Finish

Buy craftacks DISTINCTIVE DESIGN/THEMED/MODERN/INNOVATIVE/Finest Brass Curtain Poles, Tracks, hardware fittings & accessories

Craftacks India produce traditional as well as contemporary style fittings for Curtain/Drapery and Home Furnishings, fine brass curtain poles, brass curtain holdbacks, satin chrome curtain rings, polished brass curtain tieback hooks, antique brass curtain tassel hooks, brushed brass curtain cord cleats, aged brass curtain cord weights, clear coat brass curtain brackets and more metal curtain essentials to better compliment your drapery/curtains and home furnishings projects.
OUR CUSTOM DESIGN/STYLE/THEMED/MODERN/INNOVATIVE/BEST IN DEMAND LUXURY Curtain Poles, tubing, rods come in 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm diameter sizes, in stunning metal surface finishes and as a designer kit which best MATCHES WITH your curtain designs.

Bar Foot Rail Hardware/Fittings/Wine Glass Hangers/Hooks/RacksBehind Bar/Pub Fittings/Joint Connectors/End Caps/Elbows/Flanges/Sockets/Combination Brackets/Bar Mount/Floor Mount/Center Mount Brackets in 1 1/2"/2" Diamter and in Polished Brass/Polished Chrome/Nickel Matte/Matte Brass/Black/Pewter/Antique Finish

buy craftacks 1 1/2" or 2" custom length, MODERN/INNOVATIVE DESIGN/STYLE IN TRADE/BEST IN DEMAND Brass Bar Foot Rail kit, elbows, combination, floor or bar mount brackets, hardware fittings

Craftacks India manufacture almost each and every brass and stainless steel 304 grade components for 1 1/2" and 2" brass foot rail tubing used in making Indoor/Outdoor Bar and Pub, Brass/SS Bar Foot Rails and Components.
we produce and supply INNOVATIVE/THEMED/MODERN/BEST IN DEMAND/DISTINCTIVE DESIGN/STYLE all KINDS OF brass bar mount brackets, satin brass floor mount brackets, polished brass tubing end caps, antique brass tubing flush tee, polished chrome bent tubing, clear coat brass spigot, matte black tubing corner elbows, polished brass stemware and wine glass hangers in eye catching surface finishes viz. polished brass, polished chrome, satin nickel, black powder coated, shiny black, copper, bronze effect and many more.

Latest Design Wardrobe/Closet/Furniture/Kitchen Cabinet Hardware/Fittings/T Bar/L Bar Handles/Knobs in Polished Brass/Polished Chrome/Matte Nickel/Matte Brass/Antique Brass/Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

buy craftacks modern Brass Wardrobe/kitchen cabinet & Closet Hardware fittings

Brass Air Vent Covers/Flaps/Grilles/Floor Registers/Hit&Miss Air Vent Covers in Polished Brass/Nickel/Chrome/Black Nickel/Oil Rubbed Bronze/Matte Black Finish

easy shop craftacks india Finest quality Brass air Vents, floor registers and Grilles

Craftacks India produce Polished brass floor registers, chrome Air Vents and Grilles ,Brass Hit and Miss Air Vents, custom brass 4"X10" floor registers, satin brass 4"X12" floor registers, antique brass grilles and clear coat brass air vents to specification.
Our highly skilled artisans can develop ultimate engraved brass patterns to imagination.

shop Fine Brass custom connectors/fixators/fittings for beds and Components direct from factory

Craftacks India manufacture Luxury Brass Bed Parts and Components, CUSTOM LENGTH Divan Bed BASE Linking BARS WITH FIXING SCREWS AND BOLTS IN POLISHED CHROME/NICKEL/ANTIQUE/BLACK FINISHES, BED FLUSH CANCEALED MOUNT BRACKETS, BED JOINING CLIPS, brass legs/feet/castors for beds, custom brass Bed parts and fitting to your specification .
King Size Beds are available in Contemporary and Traditional Style Ways and in required metal finishes viz. polished brass, polished chrome, antique brass, satin brass, oil rubbed bronze etc..

Authentic Brass Designer Main Door Lever Handle Set in Matte Bronze Finish

Craftacks India manufacture various fine brass, stainless steel, aluminum and zinc components for Wardrobes/closet & kitchen Cabinets, custom wardrobe and closet making projects, Knurled Texture Brass Handles and Hardware for Joinery/Cabinet and Wardrobes.
Our Brass Wardrobe and Closet Rods, chrome wardrobe and closet flanges, satin brass wardrobe and closet tubing holders are available in array metal finishes and in required diameters viz. 16mm,25mm,28mm,38mm or customized as your project may require.
polished Brass Drawer Pulls, antique brass Cabinet Knobs, satin Brass Cabinet Handles, aged Brass Wardrobe Hooks are available in traditional as well as contemporary style ways.

brass bed fittings/Elbows/Flanges/Sockets/Components/Joint Connectors


Craftacks India manufacture Premium Italian and Spanish Quality Luxury Brass Door Hardware Ranges, Luxurious and Unique Architectural Brass Fittings for Wooden Doors, Modern/Period or Vintage Luxury Door Knockers. 
We are artisan of Luxury Brass and Bronze Door hardware. craftacks Handcrafted 
Period Solid Brass Door Handles, Luxury Brass Door Knockers, Solid Bronze Door Knockers, Luxury Door Handles, Luxury Brass Main Door Push and Pull Plates, Victorian Brass Knobs, Georgian Brass Knobs, Edvardian Brass Knobs, Brass House Numbers, Brass Alphabets, Brass Mail Slots, Brass Door Stoppers, brass shop fittings, brass commercial pub/bar/sports barre rail furniture handles/accessories/fittings etc. are available in traditional as well as contemporary ranges and in stunning metal finishes to properly adorn your beautiful home.

Latest Design/Vintage/Heritage/Contemporary/Stylish Brass Coat/Hat/Purse/Cloth Hooks/Hook Rail/Hooks on Wooden Plate/Wall Mount Hooks in Polished Brass/Polished Chrome/Oil Rubbed Bronze/Antique/Satin Nickel/Matte Brass Finish


Antique Brass Stair Rod Finials/Carpet Stair Rod Fittings/Accessories

SHOP craftacks india MODERN DESIGN, Assorted Brass Stair Rod Sets and Accessories

Craftacks India produce Modern Brass Stair Carpet Rods and Runners, Signature Brass 9mm , 12mm, 16mm Stair Carpet Brackets, POLISHED Brass Stair Carpet Finials and SATIN Brass Stair Carpet Rods in Traditional English Craftmanship style as well as in contemporary outlook as of modern world project requirement.

BUY craftacks india heavy duty, Custom DESIGN, SOLID BRASS Furniture FEET, LEGS & Casters

Craftacks India manufacture wide range OF heavy duty Brass Furniture Feet, legs & Casters, brass, bronze, stainless steel, zinc parts and fittings for sofas, wooden tables, custom wooden furniture and wooden beds. Popular Brass Round Cup Caster, Brass Claw Cup Caster, Brass Square Cup Caster, Brass Screw Casters, angled legs, petite legs, corner legs, square legs, tapered legs, curved back legs, queen anne legs, classic detailed legs, bobbin legs, Brass Sofa Legs, Brass Wooden Furniture Feet are available in Distinctive Metal Surface Finishes.

Finest Engraved Brass Address Plaque

Craftacks India have vast range of HISTORIC THEMED AND Modern Brass Wall Hooks/Pegs & Coat Hangers, wall mounted brass utility hooks, brass storage hooks and hangers, POLISHED brass single and double hooks for coat, hat and clothes, SATIN brass hook rails in traditional as well as in contemporary styles and in various MORE hand finishes as well as in electroplating metal surface finishes.

Brass Furniture Feet Legs/Castors/Sofa/Furniture/Table Legs in Polished Brass/Chrome/Nickel/Black/Matte Bronze/Matte Brass/Matte Nickel/Antique Brass Finish

SHOP Brass House Numbers, plaques and signs.
Team Craftacks India skilled engravers can make Authentic, Customized, Solid or Cast Engraved Brass and Bronze House Numbers, house name plates, Brass Address Plaques, Signature Brass and Bronze Custom Plaques, Custom Brass and Bronze House Numbers and Letters, Customized Brass and Bronze Mail Boxes and More to imagination.
All Design and style plaques and signs can be supplied in metal finishes viz. polished brass,antique brass,clear coat,satin brass,oil rubbed bronze,matt black and more...

Decorative Brass Switch Plate Cover in Antique Brass Finish

easy shop craftacks india Decorative Brass Wall Switch Plate outlet Covers

Craftacks India manufacture High Quality Brass and bronze Decorative Single, Double, Triple or Multi Toggle Wall Switch Plates, Antique Brass Switch Plates & Outlet Covers.
any Decorative brass and bronze switch plates can be developed through sand casting, hot forging, diecast or sheet stamping.

shop craftacks india Custom Brass Plaques, signs & name/address plates

Custom Brass Home Hardware Fittings

buy craftacks india Decorative Home Hardware for any home improvement projects

Craftacks India Produce Signature Brass, Signature Bronze, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Zinc Home Hardware Fixtures and Fittings to specification, Contemporary Replacement and Restoration Home Hardware to specification..
Craftacks has range of aluminum and bronze hardware for exterior shutters.

Brass Window Casement Stay Fittings in Black/Antique/Polished/Chrome/Nickel/Black/Matte Brass/Matte Nickel Finish

easy shop craftacks india FINEST BRASS Window casement stays, tilt & turn mechanism handles, cabin hooks, fasteners, sash hooks, sash chain, push out casement window hardware & fittings

Craftacks India designs and manufactures the finest traditional and modern brass window hardware and ironmongery. Our product line includes brass sash pulleys, brass sash locks, brass sash lifts, brass sash chain, bronze sash chain, push out casement window hardware, brass casement stays, brass casement handles, brass cabin hooks in any length, secure ventilation locks, stainless steel storm window hardware, brass storm door hardware, brass screen door hardware, and much more...

Luxury Brass Large Main Door Pull Handles in Antique Brass Finish

explore craftacks Euro Design Studio Collection

craftacks Modern brass Wall Mounted Shelving System

Craftacks India Bespoke Brass Wall Mounted Hook Rails

Team Craftacks India make Modern and Vintage Brass Shelving Supports, Modern Wall Mounted Shelving Units in custom shapes and sizes using turned brass components for fixing purposes, brass flat, round, hexagonal bars in combination with wood, ceramic, glass, marble as base sheet and we make brass wall mounted hook rails using wood or marble as wall base plate in length 10"/12"/15"/18"/24"/27" using brass, stainless steel, iron or aluminum hooks of various designs.

Polished Chrome Plated Brass House Letters

Italian Quality Brass Hardware

craftacks india can avail very high quality brass hardware in metal surface finishes like palladium plated at competitive prices than any brass hardware made in Italy, Brass Hardware Made in Spain, Brass Hardware Made in England or Brass Hardware Made in the USA.

Antique/Brushed/Black/Nickel Custom Brass Wall Shelving Unit

Our machines are accurate enough to make any shape or size Precision Brass Turned Components, solid brass turned components to specification viz. brass couplings, brass ferrules, brass flanges, brass crosses, brass nozzles, brass adaptors, brass compression fittings and more as your project may require...

For craftacks india Prestigious Domestic and Indian Subcontinent trade Customers apart from manufacturing brass hardware products at ours own manufacturing facilities in India, we import Italian Luxury Entrance Main Door Pull Handles, MOST Luxurious and Unique Architectural Brass Fittings for Wooden Doors, vintage/period/designer/classic and modern brass hardware ranges from Pasini, Zermat, Linea Cali, Valli&Valli, Mandelli, Manital, Olivari,Sao Paulo Italy, Bronces Mestre, Herrajes Ramos, Viefe Spain, Myoh Americas, The Nanz Company USA, Buster & Punch UK, Hoppe Germany and supply them into major cities of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh including Mumbai,Chennai,Hyderabad,Coimbatore,Kolkata,Banglore,Pune,Nagpur,Nashik,Delhi,Colombo,Ernakulam,Cochin,Calicut,Kathmandu and Dhaka through channel of our online/offline sales force of reputed dealers and distributors.

Precision/Turned Brass Components

Craftacks India Precision Brass Turned Components

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