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Window Ironmongery Handles and Fittings in Antique Brass Finish

Craftacks India
Discover Sash Window Furniture Fittings & Ironmongery
*Make Your Wooden Windows Beautiful & Sturdy with Craftacks India Bespoke/Classic/Contemporary Brass Ironmongery Fittings.
Antique/Modern Brass Window Furniture Fittings/Hardware & Ironmongery Supply-Sash Window Fittings/Casement Stays/Monkey Tail Bolts/Fasteners/Tilt & Turn Mechanism Handles/Lift Hooks.
Manufacturing & Shipping Worldwide Finest Brass Window Furniture Fittings & Ironmongery for Commercial/Residential Applications.

*SHOP window furniture & Fittings in finishes, bespoke designs & in solid brass.
For almost 20 years, craftacks india has manufactured the finest door, window and cabinet ironmongery, adorning the grandest homes and landmark buildings in england, usa, eu and australia. We invite you to explore The craftacks Collection, an unrivalled range of authentic period patterns coupled with the very best of contemporary design, compiled with care to provide both an invaluable reference and a source of inspiration for your next project.
*whether your window is sash, foldup, casement, awning, transom, tilt and turn, tilt and side or any other which require brass fittings for fixing or moving purposes, Craftacks India designs and manufactures the finest traditional or contemporary brass window hardware. Our product line includes brass sash pulleys, brass sash locks, brass sash lifts, brass sash chain, Brass Window Catcher, Brass Window Handles, bronze sash chain, push out casement window hardware, brass casement stays, brass window telescopic stay, brass casement handles, secure ventilation locks, Miscellaneous Brass Window Fittings, stainless steel storm window hardware, brass storm door hardware, brass screen door hardware, brass window, door & shutter cabin hooks in 75mm,100mm,150mm,200mma length and much more...
*All Wooden Window Hardware and fittings can be produced in stunning metal finishes and from popular to rare viz. Polished Brass, Polished Brass with Clear Coat, Polished Chrome, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Nickel Matte, Satin Chrome, Aged Brass, Satin Brass, Dark Bronze, Matte Black, Electrostatic Black, Powder Coated Black, Antique Copper, Antique Nickel, Shiny Black, Highlighted Brass, Highlighted Bronze, Weathered Black, Weathered Rustic, Brown Powder Coated, White Powder Coated etc.
Brass Adjustable Window Stay shown here is in Matt Black Finish.

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