Main Door Pull Handles

We are artisan of Luxury Brass and Bronze Door hardware.

We carry great collection of vintage brass,customized,large pull handles on plates for hotels,indoor bars,outdoor bars,corporate offices in stunning metal finishes and in lengths 12 inches/16 inches/18 inches/24 inches/30 inches/36 inches/48 inches/60 inches/72 inches. 

Our Handcrafted 
Edwardian,georgian,victorian or any period Solid Brass,Bronze Door Knockers,Luxury Brass Large Pull Handles on Plates,Lever on Rose Handle.Lever on Square Plate Handles,Lever on Plate Handles,Knobs,House Numbers,Alphabets,Mail Slots,Door Stoppers etc. are available in wide traditional as well as contemporary ranges and apart from popular metal surface finishes, in metal finishes introduced for the first time according to project need which properly adorn your beautiful home.


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